Vong Canh Hill, An Attractive Tourist Destination in Hue

Located in a few kilometers from Ngu Binh Mountain, 7km from center of Hue City, Vong Canh Hill is another attractive Hue tourism sight, standing gracefully looking to the Perfume River, and Ngoc Tran mountain.

Vong Canh Hill is considered as the place where ancient kings chose to stop and relax. The hill has 43 m in height, located in the Southwest of Hue city, foot of the hill adjacent to the Perfume River, surrounded by the system of mausoleums of the Nguyen Dynasty. Experiencing many historical and natural events, today, Vong Canh is still a point of attraction for visitors.

As its name meaning, standing on Vong Canh hill, tourists enable to see the overall poetic landscapes of Hue city, especially the mausoleums of Nguyen kings, the green fruit garden of the areca, orange, tangerine, tea, …the tile roof of pagodas, ancient temples, … Especially, only coming here at dawn, when sky is foggy or at sunset, tourists can understand the truly poetic beauty, admiring the painting of a hill, a river, a corner of heaven in Hue.

Currently, the area of Vong Canh Hill and its surroundings is defined as the area of ecological landscape that conserve and promote value of Hue cultural and historical relics through activities of sightseeing, and relaxing, road trips as well as waterways along the Perfume River. Besides, camps, artworks, cultural exchanges also can be organized here. The tourism service area is located in north of Bau Ho mountain, expected to arrange tourism village projects. In the north-east of Vong Canh Hill, parking is concentrated with small scale services.
Let’s come to Vong Canh and have relax time with the natural beauty of Hue!

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