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COVID 2019 -What can we do?

Prime Minister: Who has the money to contribute? Who can contribute against Covid-19?

The Prime Minister called for a stronger participation from the entire system of governance and social strata, especially the self-awareness and sense of obedience of every citizen.

In Hue, dormitories and military schools were renovated into quarantine areas for people returning from abroad. Those jobs were performed by the army comrades.

Isolation room

In March, along with the Prime Minister’s appeals, the Hue Local Tour provided practical activities to soldiers around the clock on missions such as providing small meals, coffee mugs and cake to serve those who are continuously and tirelessly preparing new shelters for Vietnamese returning from abroad for a 14 days quarantine.

’Nothing more than words of gratitude and gratitude to you. Thank you for your dedication. For all your energy to welcome and serve people from the border gate to the quarantine area. With the spirit of “Fighting the epidemic like fighting against the enemy”, they have made a very important contribution to the mitigation of the epidemic transmission in the community in order to preserve the peace and safety of the people and the country ‘’ said those who came back from America.

In the next few month, Hue Local Tour will raise funds to support the poor families and the poor who lost their jobs.

Hue Local Tour calls on all agencies, units, organizations, businesses, individuals at home and our compatriots abroad to actively participate in supporting the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Through small efforts, Hue Local Tour desires to make an impact in reducing and helping the country to overcome these difficult times.

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