My name is Bem

I am the founder of Hue Local Tour

Our mission is to give travellers a genuine picture of Hue and Vietnam.

My name is Bem. I am the founder of Hue Local Tour.
I was previously an office manager at an international company. However in 2019, after years of searching for my values and what made me happy in life, I decided to quit my job and focus on the organisation full time.

The rapid development of industry in Vietnam has radically affected agriculture and the traditional craft villages which have sustained life here for centuries. Hue Local Tour hopes to contribute to the preservation of these long-established lifestyles and cultural values through traditional village experience tours.

Hue Local Tour gives students the opportunity to practice English, exchange ideas and experiences and promote the image of Hue and Vietnam. We look for socially-oriented projects to develop together, find out which projects we participate in in the the website.

Hue Local Tour is rooted in the community and thus, after deducting for costs, tour revenue goes to our charity funding , the Hue Foundation. Building on the sustainable tourism activities of Hue Local Tour, in mid-2019 Bem founded the Hue Foundation Charity Fund with the objective of assisting families suffering the consequences of the Vietnamese wars. We wanted to dedicate a portion of the charity’s funds to establish a scholarship fund for academically inclined children of our community who required financial assistance to attend school.

We will email you at the end of the year with the annual results if we have been provided with your email. With little things, we hope to be able to help the people where we live, who may be less fortunate than us but in them is a great soul.