Hue Local tour with Thuy bieu Ward Center for children protection

Hue Foundation


Building on the sustainable tourism activities of Hue Local Tour, in mid-2019 Bem founded the Hue Foundation Charity Fund with the objective of assisting families  suffering the consequences of the Vietnamese wars. This  Foundation is a nonprofit entity under the control of Thuy Bieu Ward Center for the  Protection of Children.

The greatest inspiration for establishing this Foundation is to honor the memory of Bem’s father, a veteran of the march to Cambodia which ended the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. After her father tragically and unexpectedly died in 2019, she felt drawn towards finding a way to help those who have suffered the effects of the war and are still  disadvantaged now. It was a special mission for her; a way to thank her father and the other veterans who risked their lives to help make others’ lives better.

Charity activities

As part of the Foundation’s activities, every month, volunteer groups are organized  to visit highland and remote rural areas to  donate necessities and gifts. Interaction with the volunteer groups brings some happiness to the villagers there. Acutely aware of the effect of financial hardship on the drop-out rate in Hue Province, as she had almost fallen victim to it herself, Bem (after many attempts) succeeded in going to school. Because of this difficulty, she wanted to dedicate a portion of the charity’s funds to  establish a scholarship fund for academically inclined children of her community who required financial assistance to attend school.

How to support us?

We guarantee that all  of the net profits from the various tours will be transferred to Hue Foundation, which is managed by a third party and will be reported annually. We will email you at the end of the year with the annual results if we have been provided with your email. With little things, we hope to be able to help the people where we live, who may be less fortunate than us but in them is a great soul.