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Hue Local Tour with Thuy Bieu Ward Center for the Protection of Children

The story

Hue Local Tour with Hue Economic University  and Chonbuk National University Volunteers

In early 2019,  5 members from Hue Local Tour coordinated and participated in a collaborative effort between 30 students from Hue Economic University and  60 Korean students from Chonbuk National University,  to renovate an elementary school in Thuy Bieu, interact with children from a on orphanage and participate in an environmental cleanup along the banks of the Huong River in Hue.. This meaningful volunteer program ( starting  on  January 4, 2019 and ending on January 14, 2019) formed a warm and special bond between the Vietnamese and Korean participants.

Bem with Korean Volunteer Leader

In the following days, the activities of “green-clean-beautiful” environment on the two banks of the Huong River took place, contributing significantly to the awareness of protecting the environment.

After spending more than ten days learning and playing together, both Vietnamese and Korean volunteers have created beautiful and rich memories

Some pictures of the various activities

These kinds of activities will contribute to strengthening and tightening the cooperation and friendship between the two countries, as well as encouraging the  younger generation to be more socially responsible and active in their respective communities

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