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Lavin Home - The house of dreams

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Lavin Home – The home of dreams

Hue is famous not only for its magnificent temples but also for its long-standing traditional villages. Located on the path to the king’s mausoleum, please come and visit the Lavin flower house to experience the traditional way of arranging flowers with the help of our skilled artisans. These artisans are blind, deaf and dumb children who have a passion for flowers, whom we call soul-blowing flowers.

Hue Local Tour is honored to work and nurture the small dreams of the flower house on Le Ngo Cat street. We hope that every customer experiences the gift of arranging flowers with the children at the flower house.


Here a lotus is not a lotus, nor a daisy a daisy . Each name will be given by the children depending on the aspirations of each person.




Client is making flower by themself

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