Eco Green Hub- The house of hopes

If not me , who would it be ?

The story of Eco Green Hub – Green Ecosystem in Hue

🌱 We started thinking about opening Eco Green Hub from the moment we realized that the surroundings were polluted with food, unhealthy utensils, plastic bags, etc. ow many creatures died because of our emissions? Often, we assume that we can buy a bottle of natural rose water that is environmentally friendly, or sip a quality coffee with a non-plastic straw such as almond grass, rice straw, etc. .

And sometimes, sitting idly, perhaps you’ve thought like us:

At the current rate of pollution, in 5 or 10 years, how will our children and grandchildren live? Will they have to carry containers to carry clean water, buy breathable air and never see the flight of birds or turtles swimming peacefully in the wild?

It’s never too late to start a good thing! So Eco Green Hub – Hue Green Ecology was born! Just like that! A place dedicated to providing individuals and organizations with products that are environmentally friendly, healthy and lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

 Our address is 11 Nguyen Thai Hoc. At our location, here is an organic cafe. Additionally, here is workshop space available for seminars, events, group discussions and courses in developing a lifestyle in an environmentally conscious way.

The goal of Eco Green Hub is to create a team that can combine collective purchasing power to provide people with products that do not harm our natural world. Any group can order products together (or buy them individually), we will provide these products at affordable prices to promote a sustainable, green, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Thu Huong -Founder of ECO GREEN HUB

Eco Green Hub’s conference space is available to anyone who wants to promote environmentally friendly products and services and/or hold classes on sustainable living and local initiatives.’’

Hue Local tour is fortunate to find partners on the path to upholding the values of the country as well as protecting the living environment. Every week, Hue Local Tour combines with Eco Green Hub to organize classes to make environmentally friendly products such as bath soaps, shampoos and natural fragrance essential oils for locals and visitors and learn how to recycle.

In addition, we also organize the processing of environmentally friendly foods.Local children and foreign children can attend classes on making environmentally friendly products

Through small projects, we want to change people’s awareness about the environment, contributing to the protection of the clean green environment where we live.